Policy Crossover Center
Vienna - Europe

Our Vision

Our Vision

Policy Crossover Center (PCC): Vienna-Europe

The Policy Crossover Center (PCC): Vienna - Europa is an interdisciplinary discussion platform to develop ideas and solutions for economic, social and ecological problems in Europe. 

Main focus:

·       integrative strategies that simultaneously achieve several goals  

·       discussion of economic and political concepts for Europe

·       problem-solving based on positive empirical results; interdisciplinary

·       preconditions and obstacles to the implementation of successful reforms

The focus lies on European solutions and international policy coordination between Europe and its neighbours, as well as with other centres of the globalised world. The idea is not to find selfish solutions for one country at the expense of others, but to propose policies that have positive “spillover effects” for neighbours. The main aim is to find open solutions rather than delimitations. The objective of economic and social policy should be to increase well-being (in the sense of "Beyond GDP targets"), with different manifestations arising based on preference, state of development and cultural background (pluralistic approach). Cultural heterogeneity should serve as an advantage for welfare, cooperation and mutual learning.

Key Info - Sheet

Here you can download the key infos of our platform summarized in one page.