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Europe ́s Potential to take the Lead in Fighting Climate Change

The Paris objectives for 2050 are not achievable with the current EU strategy. Recent economic conditions are leveling a misguided technological advance, e.g. through the design of the tax system (too much tax on labour, too little on fossil energy). It is therefore a matter of redirecting technological progress: from labour productivity to resource productivity. The current (national and EU) targets are insufficient. The questions are: Which regulations are needed, what needs to be regulated at EU level in order to be implemented nationally afterwards? With its work, the lateral thinker platform wants to point out strategies for various areas (transport, housing, nutrition, education, financial planning, etc.). Proposals will be developed by experts on individual topics and supplemented by analysis and evaluation of the national climate strategies of the EU-27 and the responses of the European Commission to them. We want to present proposals for an EU climate strategy that differ from the many others.

Rennhofer, T. (2019), Why consumers refuse to drive electric, even if it was the superior option, Policy Crossover Center: Vienna-Europe, Flash Paper 3/2019